Sensor Inductive KIB-M08NS-1 5-KL2

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Sensor Inductive KIB-M08NS-1 5-KL2


Sensor Inductive M8 NPN 1,5 MM – Cable exit distance


Sensor Inductive M8 NPN 1,5 MM – Cable exit distance

An inductive proximity sensor consists of 4 functional blocks:

  • coil
  • oscillator
  • threshold amplifier
  • Short-circuit-proof final switching stage

The oscillometer generates a high-frequency alternative electromagnetic field that is directed outward through the active surface of the sensor.
When a metallic mass enters this field, it induces currents that attenuate the magnetic field and consequently also the energy of the oscillator.
The attenuation is greater the closer the metallic mass interfering to the active surface is.
The threshold amplifier, in the presence of a predetermined attenuation value, induces the final switching stage. In the presence of proximity sensors with direct voltage supply, there is an NPN transistor that connects the user to the negative pole or a PNP transistor that connects the user to the positive pole. In the presence of alternating voltage switches there is a final “Thyristor” or “Triac” switching stage.

Technical features
Switching distance: M 8×1 – 1.5 mm(0.06)
Switching type: NPN
Model: KIB-M08NS
Connection diagram:277/1

Electrical Characteristics
Voltage: 10-36v
Output current (min/max): -200/ma
Switching frequency: 1000 Hz
Short circuit resistant: YES

Mechanical Data
Temperature range: -25°C/+70C
Protection class: IP 67/NEMA 4
Housing material: 1.4305 alloy steel


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