Low-angle vision lighting enhances the contrast of surface features. The low-angle light is aimed nearly perpendicular to the imaged surface of the target object, casting shadows that emphasize changes in elevation.

  • Connects directly to PresencePLUS vision sensors or an external power supply
  • Illuminates from an angle nearly perpendicular to object
  • Emphasizes surface irregularities such as dust, dents, scratches and other surface defects
  • Highlights slight height differences such as etching, solder balls and embossing
  • Standard lights: Available in 150 mm light size with 24V dc supply voltage
  • Specialty lights: Available in 100 or 150 mm light sizes with 12 or 24V dc supply voltage
  • Offers choice of models with infrared, or visible red or white lights, and with continuous or strobed operation
  • Provides minimum useful life of 60,000 hours, depending on model