On-axis vision lighting provides even, diffused illumination for flat, reflective surfaces. A beam splitter directs the light rays along the same axis as the camera lens. Reflective surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear bright. Surfaces at an angle to the camera and non-reflective surfaces appear dark.

  • Connects directly to PresencePLUS vision sensors or an external power supply
  • Evenly illuminates flat reflective surfaces
  • Delivers collimated illumination in the same optical path as camera
  • Standard lights: Available in 100 x 100 mm or 50 x 50 mm light sizes with a 24V dc supply voltage
  • Specialty lights: Available in 25 or 75mm diameter light sizes with 12 or 24V dc supply voltage, depending on model
  • Offers choice of models with infrared or visible red, green, white or blue lights, all with continuous or strobed operation
  • Features models with antireflective glass dust covers
  • Provides minimum useful life of 10,000 to 60,000 hours, depending on model