CS-3000 suspension system

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CS-3000 suspension system

CS-3000 suspension system

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CS-3000 suspension system

  • Especially from system manufacturers comes the demand for modern supports, cutting-edge design, ease of assembly, wide choice of solutions, with the new CS-3000 Bernstein wants to answer all these questions. The various combinations in turn create new solutions, the design was conceived to offer an ergonomic and modular system.
    • Absence of corners where dirt can nest, thanks to the linearity of the connection between tubulars and joints
    • The tube is installed as a cover, the hidden screws are fixed on threaded holes
    • The appearance remains linear going from rectangular section profiles to cylindrical profiles
    • Modular development of the various couplings, with adapter joints
    • IP65 protection rating
    • Easy and effortless installation
    • Ideal system together with Bernstein control housings. Thanks to the simplicity of assembly of the CS-3000, working time and related costs are reduced
    • The fixing of the tubular to the joint is guaranteed both by the screw which cuts into the joint material and by a step in the casting which ensures an excellent seal. It is not necessary to add an additional security screw
    • A single person can install a complete system
    • Fine alignment via fixing screws
    • Alignment adjustments are possible without disassembling the system
    • Facilitated cable passage thanks to the inspections present at each deviation
    • Tubulars machined on one side only for customized lengths (hole template included)
    • Different tube lengths offer different system variants
    • Adjustable rotary joint torque, with fine adjustments via levers or screws
    • Tubulars in anodized aluminium
    • Die-cast aluminum components
    • POM bearings
    • Neoprene seals
    • Joints, anthracite gray RAL7016 supports
    • Connecting tubes: anodized aluminium


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CS3000 Width 90, Length 250, Height 70, CS3000 Width 90, Length 500, Height 70, CS3000 Width 90, Length 750, Height 70, CS3000 Width 90, Length 1000, Height 70



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